7-in-1 Intelligent Electric pressure cooker

Model : S1558

Product Parameters :

Name :                Electric Pressure Cooker 

Capacity :            5L/6L

Power :               900W/1000W

Voltage :             220V/110V~50Hz

Material :            Stainless steel inner pot

Features :

Automatic cooking and warming system.

High temperature protection.

24-hour appointment.

Optional accessories: steamer,non-stick coatininner pot.

Fashionable painted stell outer shell.

The electric pressure cooker——a new type of kitchen appliance that is designed on the basis of a new technology combines the advantages of pressure cooker, electric stove and rice cooker. The electric pressure cooker is characterized by controlling the temperature and cooking, novel structure and exquisite design, working safety and reliability, energy-saving power and cooking delicious food. It is the ideal tool of modern family, and can replace the ordinary pressure cooker.

1. Functional diversification: User-friendly

Functional diversification: Steaming rice, cooking congee, baking cake, fry, steak/beef making, pizza, cooking soup; steam heating and cooking;

2. Keep the food characteristics: More delicious, nutrition and health;Seal cooking: Keep the nutritional value and ensure richer flavor.Cooking at the high temperature (110~116℃)Nutrition is more health.

3. Patent structure: Compared with other types of products, the work is safer.