Steam Bottle sterilizer dryer

Model : S7875

Product Parameters :

Name :                Steam Bottle sterilizer dryer

Capacity :            Holding 6 bottles and many other accessories

Power :                800W

Voltage :             220V/110V~50Hz

Material :            PP

Features :

Steam disinfector with the special drying function and separate drying to anti second pollution.                                                                            

Anti drying protection that automatic cut off power ,even going out ,keep out of harm way .More guarantee in safe . 

Multi function with sterilize ,drying ,hot baby food and cooking eggs .

Intelligent chip to make it more easy to use and with precise temperature control .

1、Baby Bottle Sterilizer is dedicated to providing the family with a healthy feeding environment that reassures the mother and the baby.

2、For smart mothers who want to give their baby the most care, this Bottle Sterilizer is the best choice. Baby health is the quest for all products. All the advantages of our products are based on the purpose of health.

3、Disinfection and Drying:Independent drying, steam sterilizer with special drying function, avoid secondary pollution, provide safe and healthy all-round care for the baby.

4、When disinfecting, use distilled water. If another water quality is used, the scale will be generated. When scale is generated, it needs to be removed with vinegar.