Household disinfectant maker

Model : S7864B

Product Parameters :

Name :                Household disinfectant maker

Capacity :            400ml

Power :                8W

Voltage :             3.7V

Material :            PVC

Features :

2 kinds of concentration.

Easy to carry and easy to use.

Easy to operate and clean effectively.

Applicable to various place.

Effective bactericidal rate up to 99%.

Battery capacity: 2200 mAh.

How to use: 

Add water and salt to the pot, start with one click, and after the hypochlorite production is completed, spray evenly on the surface of the object to be wetted.

Type of Concentration: 

5mins-20g salt+400ml water-500~800mol/l

10mins-20g salt+400ml water-1600~2000mol/l


Soak, wipe and spray. Effective bactericidal rate up to 99%.

Application scope:

Fruits, vegetables, tableware, home, office, restaurant, hotel, hospital, school, beauty salon, pets, bath center, toys, decolorization, bleaching.